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Protégé Mentoring Programme


The Protégé Programme will support your journey to follow your heart and intuition. It will encourage you to live the life YOU choose, and not the life others around you may have planned for you. The aim is to help you find the courage to take charge of your life and career and to make choices that allow you to lead a fulfilling, meaningful and successful life.

The Programme provides opportunities for Mentors and Mentees to network together in both formal and informal settings. It offers focused skills development workshops covering topics such as career choices and planning, leadership skills, effective communication and assertive grace, understanding personal values and creating a personal mission and vision. 

Further details about the programme can be found below and under Programme Overview.

Programme Benefits

  • Support, develop, and retain talented female millennials, bolstering a creative knowledge base and establishing a competitive advantage.
  • Build a sustainable and diverse pipeline of women enabling you to actively engage and motive your most promising people.
  • Tap into knowledge capital within and outside your organisation.
  •  Brand and promote your ogranisation's commitment to the advancement of women and increase awareness around the issues faced by professional women in the workplace.
  • Leverage and build internal and external networks.
  • For Mentees:
    • Develop confidence, self-awareness and independence gained from diverse approaches to leading and gaining knowledge.
    • Increase awareness around aspirations and goals and how to achieve them by taking ownership of your career.
  • For Mentors:
    • Gain valuable insights into new ways to support talent and understand how to be an effective and engaging mentor.
    • Further develop mentoring and coaching leadership skills in a low risk environment.


Protégé 2019 Mentoring Programme - Sydney

Protégé 2020 Mentoring Programme - Singapore


Sign-up NOW for the inaugural Protégé Sydney 2019 Programme 

We are launching our first cross-industry, 'best-in-class' mentoring programme in Sydney, running from August 2019 through until May 2020.  We will match 30 high potential female Mentees with 30 seasoned male and female Mentors, drawn from Sydney’s most experienced business leaders, consultants, academics and entrepreneurs.

Click on Programme Overview for more information or download our Protégé Sydney 2019 Brochure here

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Sign-up NOW to be a Protégé Partner 2020 in Singapore

We are launching the sixth cohort of our highly successful cross-industry mentoring programme – Protégé 2020, running from September 2019 through August 2020.

50 high potential female Mentees will be matched with 50 seasoned male and female Mentors, drawn from Singapore’s most senior business executives, academics, leading consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs and NGOs.

Click on Programme Overview for more information or download our Protégé Partner 2020 Brochure here.

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